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Kirsten Camara. "Fun idea for those of us who like a combination of computer and paper for our GTD system. ANALOG MEMORY, #design" - David Allen

ANALOG-MEMORY-DESK This Memory Desk is a tool to record all the small items you write down once, but intend to forget tomorrow.

Globus by Artifort

Spare space: new minimalist interiors

Created by Judson Beaumont’s designs, the Hollow Chair’s main feature is that it has a hollow frame with a built-in storage space inside. You can now store anything you want, and it will become a part of the chair’s design and decor of whichever room you choose. You can store books, magazines, toys and you can even make it a place for your pets to sleep, they’ll definitely love that!

It’s not about the Chair, it’s what you put into it!

The Hollow Chair is created by Vancouver based artist Judson Beaumont. The hollow bottom allows users to storage many different stuffs, including toys or books, crafts, or magazines, etc.

this guy is so talented

Nir Meiri

Ottoman-Embedded Tables - by Nir Meiri Offers a Whimsical Lounge Space-Saving Solution (GALLERY)

Mike He - Little Red Riding Hood Nesting Dolls

LITTLE RED HOOD BY MIKE HE .a Matryoshka doll that combines the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale with the layered Russian doll. Says He, "Not only for fun, this is actually a food container set.


Cool Foldable Sofa by Campeggi



Tension Chair - Robby Cuthbert designs furniture held together just by tension.



Junk for Your Trunk: 10 Exciting Chairs Help Reduce Waste

Junk for Your Trunk: 10 Exciting Chairs Help Reduce Waste

Designed by Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn and created by Thai villagers who loop lengths of recycled cotton-nylon seat belts around the chairs' plywood frames.

[세계의 디자인 가구] ⑥ 다이스케 모토기가 디자인한 'Lost in Sofa'

“Lost in Sofa” sofa is a very creative design by Daisuke Motogi. “Lost in Sofa” is a very up-to-the-minute sofa composed of several soft, square-based cube- or rectangular-shaped units. “Anything can be inserted anywhere”