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WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GIRL CRUSH Today’s girl crush goes to Julia Roberts. We adore her in so many roles, but our favorite is her character Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman. Only Julia could make us fall.

Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) - Pretty Woman (1990)

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En la imagen,  Julia Roberts como Vivian Wart. Su traje de prostituta estaba inspirado en un bañador de los años 60

Pretty Woman

Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) to Edward Lewis (Richard Gere): "I appreciate this whole seduction thing you've got going on here, but let me give you a tip: I'm a sure thing." -- from Pretty Woman directed by Garry Marshall

Julia Roberts dans Pretty Woman http://www.vogue.fr/joaillerie/red-carpet/diaporama/diamants-a-l-ecran-films-bijoux-les-hommes-preferent-les-blondes-titanic/16912/image/895701#!pretty-woman-fred-film-bijoux

Diamants à l'écran

Movie: Garry Marshall's Pretty Woman, 1990 Actress: Julia Roberts Jewelry: Twenty-three pear-cut rubies at the center of diamond hearts, a.

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