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Risk Management and Mountain Natural Hazards.

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Social vulnerability in New Orleans Disaster Risk - Vulnerability | PreventionWeb.net  The failure of flood protection infrastructure, a failure to anticipate the disaster, and a badly managed response all exacerbated and magnified the pre-existing conditions of social vulnerability and racial inequality in New Orleans (Levitt and Whitaker, 2009; Tierney, 2006; Amnesty International, 2010; Masozera et al., 2007).

Even Hurricane Katrina couldn't keep this nun out of New Orleans

TRUMP RESCINDED OBAMA'S FLOOD-RISK RULE WEEKS BEFORE HURRICANE HARVEY HIT  -BY HARRIET SINCLAIR ON 8/27/17 AT 3:24 PM - he rule, signed by former President Barack Obama in 2015, had not yet come into effect but aimed to make infrastructure more resilient to the effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels and flooding.

Trump rescinded Obama's proposed flood-risk rule weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit

Donald Trump signed away Obama-era flood standards just weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, in a bid to get infrastructure projects approved more quickly. The rule, signed by former President Barack Obama in had not yet come into effect but aime

Ten days before Hurricane Harvey, Trump revoked Federal Flood Risk Management Standard, an Obama-era set of regulations designed to make federally funded infrastructure less vulnerable to flooding.

Trump reversed regulations to protect infrastructure against flooding just days before Hurricane Harvey

Trump blasts Republican senator on ‘moral equivalency’ after Virginia attack

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