Almond Milk Vs Boiled cow pus blood & shit i mean cows milk lol

reason to be #vegan

When the grocery store cashier tells me “it’s so expensive to vegetarian/vegan”.

why I am #vegan

why I am Because I don't believe in hurting others when it's not necessary. Eating a plant-based diet is healthy, saves the planet, is inexpensive, & prevents unnecessary torture & violence. Plz TRY going meat/dairy free a few days a week!

The Dairy Industry - Animal Cruelty

I love how they use BEEF cows on the top and DAIRY cows on the bottom. There's a difference people.

If that alone "AINT" a reason to go vegan I don't know what is ! ( besides of course the obvious-save the lives of millions of innocent animals).

Funny, not funny

Pro vegan: the dairy industry would like to thank you for believing the myth that animal milk gives you strong bones.

Thank you! Why is this not EVERYWHERE?! Especially in the US, since we are supposedly so advanced and "intelligent".

Fields beneath cafe, this is brilliant 🙌🏼❤️😍🐄

5 reasons why eating vegan is good for the environment!

5 reasons eating vegan is good for planet earth

Is a plant-based diet "extreme"? I am such a carnivore, don't think a plant based diet is extreme, and think I too am going to switch one of these fine days (hopefully before it's too late!

go vegan" Omg I love this one. Must save pic for this one.

I'm pinning this just for the last one. "They feel pain". What animal doesn't? Even some plants do. WHY DOES THAT MAKE FISH IMPORTANT?!?!

More than just food animals - reject speciesism - go vegan!

Humans getting cancer and illnesses is justice for these animals lives- it's well deserved for their torture.

I started drinking SOY milk, but found an even better option, Almond Milk!, Better for you adn better taset than Milk or Soy Milk.

Not easy jeje

Pro vegan: when I tell people I'm vegan .

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Diabetes Type 1 Deutsch

diabetes funny sad - diabetes breakfast almond milk.diabetes lunch products 8056850469

Something very sad happened a couple of years ago. I inexplicably became lactose intolerant! It was a terrible tragedy in my life considering I am one of those people who enjoys the milk part of “cereal and milk” more than the cereal!  Cookies and brownies were never the same after that…because without a tall glass …

How To Make Almond Milk

How To Make Almond Milk. I spend a lot of money on Almond Milk at the store and I'm uncertain about some of the ingredients in the store-bought stuff.