That kid Is Gonna Have The best Embarrassing Graduation Pictures Ever.

That kid Is Gonna Have The best Embarrassing Graduation Pictures Ever.

Parenting level: Awesome Parents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Baby

Tory Burch shoes. They are beautiful.Holy cow Some less than $99 I’m gonna love this site!

Stanley Tucci Master Of The Toothless Smile > > HAHA. and then he smiles in the hunger games!

"I guess someone did tell us life was gonna be this way."

19 Jokes About "Friends" That Are Funny Because They're True

Naaaah... so when ya gonna buy me pizza? Yeah. Seriously, you should get me pizza by the time I'm done watching the Lion King. ♥♥♥ This ultra-soft tee has a great feel and a classic fit ♥♥♥ Printed in

Ba Sowenya - Lion King Pizza

From the maker: "Try this specially-crafted Writer’s Block soap. If this soap doesn’t help you churn out regurgitated ideas and probably a vampire, I’ll eat my hat. It’s a fedora, by the way. Cool vampires wear fedoras now. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it. Or in your book. Either way, you’re gonna need this soap ASAP. Your ideas are terrible."

Soap for Writer's Block - BEST SELLER

Soap for Writer's Block - I wonder if this works. I get writer's block ALL THE TIME. And nothing's worse than writer's block when you're on a deadline.

Melt your mind with these optical illusions!<< some for me are simply indescribable... :O

Melt your mind with these optical illusions!

I fucking lost my pencil sharpener and now I can't draw cause all my pencils suck and it's not like I even need a pencil sharpener like I've literally sharpened pencils with my teeth when I'm desperate but I needed that sharpener and it tore out my heart

Movie Logic

Movie Logic