Hollyhocks, from the Happy at Home blog.. An old fashioned favorite flower for classic country gardens.

Hi~ I am a big shabby chic fan. I also love anything that makes a room or space cozy, pretty, and.

picket fence by Barb Chipman

Great idea for a fence - build a narrow raised bed and fill with tall plants like hollyhocks.

forget-me-not-flowers Blooms in spring. Covers like a carpet. Good for rocks and filling cracks in walkways. Low growth.

Top 10 self-seeding plants for a fuss-free cottage garden

Holly Hocks~one of the oldest known flowers.

Hollyhock: a lot of sun once established, they were reasonably drought tolerant. Also, since they are biennial, I knew that it would be 2 years before my hollyhocks would bloom.

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Hollyhock Though it's a biennial or short-lived Perennial ; Plant Name: Alcea rosea Growing Conditions: Full sun or part shade & moist, well-drained soil Size: To 6 feet tall & 2 feet wide

I love to plant flowers that will provide color for all the different seasons

French Cottage – Type – What a beautiful flower Garden in front of and behind this charming fence.