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I hate it when transplants from California piously proclaim that there's no such thing as a good taco in Gotham. What it usually means is that they haven't taken the trouble to investigate the...

38 Killer Taco Spots in New York City

Candidates for Tour de Taco: A New York City Tacopedia: L.'s Got Nuttin' on Us! Must do some "scientific research" to see if this is worth organizing a bike tour

Southern Slow Steaks that can be done in a crock pot or slow cooker. Simple but oh so good!

Southern Slow Steaks Slow Cooker BBQ KielbasaBBQ Pulled Chicken Easy Crock Pot Chili I just wanted to say that I love and appreciate each one of you and hope you have the BEST weekend!What's your favorite beef recipe

Group lunch!! Something for everyone in the office. #cheesesteak #hoagies

Don't deny yourself! Stop by Pudges Steaks and pick up all the steaks and sandwiches you'll need to supply your friends and family (and you!) with enough food to get through the afternoon!

Kobe-Style Wagyu Beef Boneless Strip Steak

Boneless, Wagyu American Kobe beef NY Strip steak offers superior marbling and flavor.

Steaks with Carmel brandy sauce

Steaks with Caramel-Brandy Sauce

This recipe cooks the steaks to medium-rare doneness. Lower the temperature and increase cook time for more well-done steaks.

chef dezs new york strip steaks with merlot reduction

Red wine pan sauces are the quickest path to an incredible tasting steak. You’ve never had a steak fried in a pan taste so good.

Pasture-Raised Bone-Out Beef Ribeye Steak  2@34.99

Pasture-Raised Bone-Out Beef Ribeye Steak 2

Exploring South Philadelphia

Exploring South Philadelphia

Ground Zero memorial~we will never forget, because we can't.... สถานที่รำลึกเหตุการณ์ 9/11 ที่ Ground Zero เปิดแล้ว

The memorial lights representing the twin towers ! God bless the victims families today ! Never forget ❤

The magret refers to the breast of a Moulard duck that has been reared for foie gras. A Moulard duck is a cross between a Muscovy drake and a Pekin hen, and is a sizable bird with a well-developed breast. It also is the preferred duck used to produce foie gras, because of its large size and hearty constitution. Since Gascony, France is the heart of foie gras country, the Moulard duck is common in the cooking of the region.

If you like steak, you'll love our magret duck breast. Check out our primer and you'll be cooking one in no time.