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george harrison   patti boyd

George Harrison (in a Granny Takes a Trip jacket) & Pattie Boyd strolling in Chelsea. With her long hair, endless legs and mod style, model Pattie Boyd was the quintessential sixties beauty, and a favourite of Mary Quant.

"... una vez que iba de Francia a Portugal, canté el Mantra Hare Krishna por todo el camino, sin parar. Manejé unas veintitrés horas y canté por todo el camino. Hace que uno se sienta un poquito invencible (. . . ) Tú sabes, una vez que uno comienza a cantar, las cosas comienzan a ocurrir entonces de una manera trascendental" - George Harrison (fragmento del libro George Harrison y el mantra) #popularizemantras #popularizarlosmantras @ignacioescribano @ignacio108 #indramantras…

George 1970 with the beautiful long hair --- fabulous picture of George

Queen Diana

Queen Diana

Paul & Linda on their farm where they raised goats, sheep, chickens & had a horse & an old english sheepdog

Sir Paul McCartney cradles a lamb and cuddles his first wife Linda McCartney at High Park Farm, Kintyre, Scotland

My novel "Hippie Drum" is inspired by experiences like this. Dancin' in the round ... hippies meet folk traditions.

Woodstock A lot of happy people. mad drug use was responsible for much of the euphoria experienced at the festival. LSD, amphetamines, and heroin. Marijuana smokers, estimated to be the majority of the audience, were not arrested at Woodstock.

Les yeux de biche d'Audrey Hepburn !

Twiggy by Barry Lategan in 1966 - the picture which made her career. Love her style, short hair and big eyes!

Diana Ross

Diana Ross wearing a Creation of Halston and photographed by Willy Rizzo for Harper’s Bazzar,April 1973 // Josie Stardust

Robert Monteiro, Allen Taylor, Paolo Gallardo, Omari Dixon, & Sacha MBaye by Jamie Morgan for Arena Homme+

Robert Monteiro, Allen Taylor, Paolo Gallardo, Omari Dixon, & Sacha M'Baye by Jamie Morgan for Arena Homme+

Warrior Legends–Select models Robert Monteiro, Allen Taylor, Paolo Gallardo, Omari Dixon and Sacha M'Baye channel strength and intensity while showcasing t

Pattie and George's rose garden - 1968

Pattie Boyd -- ex-Beatle and Clapton wife -- looks back

George Harrison and Patti Boyd visit Haight-Asbury in the late 1960's.

Jeans became popular when the hippies started to wear them. george harrison, pattie boyd, derek taylor in san francisco, 1967