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No Good Deed

"Let his flesh not be torn, Let his blood leave no stain! Though they beat him Let him feel no paaaain! Let his bones never break, And however they try To destroy him Let him never die." - Things Musicals Taught Me - Wicked

Those who don't try never look foolish.

"why think too hard when it's so soothing, dancing through life swaying and sweeping and always keeping cool. Life is froughtless for the thoughtless.

Wicked. This brings back a summer full of memories of singing these songs

Song-What is this Feeling. I just love how Elphaba describes Galinda in one word.<<< I love that part like Galinda is so wordy about how awful she is and Elphaba is saying her hair color 😂

The fact that I have had this exact conversation with someone 0.0 I think pinterest is quoting me now

My life in musicals. YAY I love that they put in annual putnam county spelling bee! Love that musical!

Wicked Just because two people are perfect, doesn't mean that they will be perfect together

Things musicals taught me! Wicked- You're perfect! YOU'RE perfect! So we're perfect together- born to be forever dancing through life!