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What’s the deal with CARBS?

What's the deal with CARBS?

The word CARBS is short for CARBOHYDRATE. Carbs are super confusing. In what universe would someone put Donuts and Spinach in the same category? D& Obvi

Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce – 2 ingredients, superb recipe!

Cranberry Sauce - Sugar Free

Sugar Free Warm Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce for the bariatric diabetic Thanksgiving plate! Awesome spooned on top of Fage Greek yogurt.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie! No Sugar Added.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie! No Sugar Added

Bye, bye Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry. Have a very happy of July with my no sugar Peanut Butter Pie!

It would not be New Years Day for my Georgia born husband without these black eyed peas! Southern tradition says this dish brings good fortune and lots of money to the coming year, so why not? Lentils have a similar story to Italian families. Hopefully we'll be covered in both heritages. A tasty dish.

Black Eyed Peas – don’t mess with a Southern Classic

Serve on New Years Day with cornbread and slices of onion. I like mine in a bowl. They bring luck and prosperity in the year to come, according to Southern tradition.

ARTICLE: 7 Yummy No-Bread Foods!

7 Yummy No Bread Foods!

Bariatric friendly food doesn't have to suck. We've taken the flavors of high carb, bread wrapped foods we ALL love and made new & just as tasty, versi

Susan Maria’s Bariatric Friendly Christmas

Susan Maria's Bariatric Friendly Christmas

We always have seafood for Christmas Eve as a nod to the traditional Italian seven fishes celebration. I poach some large shrimp, make homemade cock