House and Wilson. Best bromance award goes to....<< It's no bromance, it's just Wilson being a good friend

House and Wilson. Best bromance award goes to.<< It's no bromance, it's just Wilson being a good friend


Matthew Gray Gubler and Joe Montegna just relaxing. the BAU works so hard, they need a break.

That time Josh Hutcherson did this incredibly strange impression of an "old man" and Jen totally got it.

This is so adorable 6 Josh Hutcherson And Jennifer Lawrence BFF Moments That Were So Cute You Couldn't Stand It

I know you'll get this ;)

Funny pictures about Atom humor. Oh, and cool pics about Atom humor. Also, Atom humor.

True story. That face when you hear a race car in the distance

love sat mornings at Loudon as I walk to the track, thru campers-ville, and can hear the cars practicing.

Plotting a novel series means writing characters that sustain readers' interest. Worldbuilding is important too. Read more on how to plot a novel series.

How to Plot a Series: 8 Steps to a Multi-Novel Arc

Oh Johanna... Hahaha

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Hunger Games Humor / Katniss / Catching Fire / Dresses someone needed to tell them that we dont freaking care about their fandoms :P

Spelling mistakes...

The spelling is wrong in this meme. The correct spelling is Bump

Because he's the Goblin King, that's why!

I totally noticed this the last time I watched Labyrinth! Me and dad were having a huge discussion over which came out first.

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