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La série Faces [UN]bonded de l'artiste brésilien Marcelo Monreal, qui explose des portraits de célébrités et de top models, dévoilant des éléments de

Les collages surréalistes de Marcelo Monreal

ART: Faces [UN] Bonded by Marcelo Monreal A surreal and impressive digital collage meets pop culture icon series, signed by the supremely talented Brazilian artist Marcelo Monreal. [[MORE]]”Faces I.

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art presents Virgins and Mermaids with Nelli Scarlet-Frankie Faux

Sketchy's Anti-Art School is the little Brooklyn event that became a movement and has become the world's premier alternative drawing event. Part art, part cabaret, all fun - The Age

occult inspired tattoo art - Tom Gilmour is in the business of creating occult-inspired tattoo art. The London-based illustrator mixes together occult imagery, nomadic themes a...

Occult-Themed Tattoo Art

Tom Gilmour Illustration Hand-drawn artwork inspired by traditional tattoos and macabre iconography

Joven fauno, de Faelicia

Coloured sketch from yesterday of my OC Nerva. It's a little unfinished, but I don't really have the motivation anymore. I wanted to draw his face for o.