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Utsnitt av Almanakk for 1644.

Utsnitt av Almanakk for

Winged fish, from the Wonders of Creation of Muhammad Ibn Mahmud Tusi, Turkey, 16th Century

workman: “ timur-i-lang: A Large, Winged Fish, from the Wonders of Creation (Aja’ib al-makhlugat) of Muhammad ibn Mahmud Tusi, Turkey, c. “This folio from Walters manuscript depicts a.

i feel very strongly that somebody is gonna start screaming in about 10 seconds...

And we wonder why some children need therapy. It is because they never had a mutated sloth in their life.

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EFDSS 80 Years Anniversary Print - Alice Pattullo

Illustration by Alice Pattullo for the English Folk, Dance & Song Society at Cecil Sharp House, Hampstead, London

Daphne, half-woman and half- laurel tree with Apollo The Book of the Queen, c 1410-c 1414, Harley MS 4431, f. 134v, The British Library. http://www.bl.uk/manuscripts/Viewer.aspx?ref=harley_ms_4431_f134v

Daphne (half-woman, half-laurel tree), with Apollo. The Book of the Queen, c. The British Library, Harley MS f.