Astonishing Slow Motion Water Balloon Explosion Pics

High Speed Photography is getting very popular day by day. High speed photography produces awesome results because of a relatively faster shutter speed.

British photographer captures balloons full of water bursting

British photographer captures balloons full of water bursting

Des photographies magiques, on en profite !

40 Photos incroyables prises à haute vitesse, ce qu'on ne voit pas à l'oeil nu

Photographier au stroboscope - VirusPhoto, apprendre la photo ensemble

In this photograph, blurred outlines and fast shapes are represented. The cards are stopped in air as if frozen in time. This photo captures the movement that was happening in real life when this shot was taken

Sewing needle thread close up macro photography

Our Daily Challenge "Through a Hole" Texture by HocusFocusClick Exp seconds; ISO natural daylight plus diy ring light on Tokina macro lens;

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High speed photography is a technique used by photographers all around the world. In high-speed photography, a very fast phenomena is captured.

Make a Splash!

The most perfect moment in childhood. the deepest puddle you& ever stomped in but not deep enough for you to sink all the way to China and a mother who will actually tell you to & and jump in it!& That& heaven to a child!

UltraSlow Motion Video...LD

UltraSlo will help you to create any slow motion; we will slow down any moment or any movement.

10 of the Most Relaxing #Food #GIFS on the Internet

10 of the Most Relaxing Food GIFs on the Internet

Spend some time with these mesmerizing food GIFs — it's more relaxing than meditating or taking a prescription sedative. Bouncing Jell-O is like a graceful ballerina doing a barre routine, but far.

Learn how to set up your camera, capture footage, and edit it with GoPro Studio to create a slow motion video clip.

It is incredible what can make a human mind and camera together. It could be an amazing creation. One of these human mind and camera creations are slow motion pictures. Look below 29 amazing slow motion photography.