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Tin sign

Aeroflot old Russian airline poster - wonderful colours as well as great design. I flew Aeroflot in Scariest flight I've ever made.

Artist: Wilburn Bonnell III. Quote from James Agee. Date approx. 1971. Ad is from a series "Great Ideas of Western Man" by Container Corporation of America (1950 -1975). Image from the book "Great Ideas" published by Container Corp. in 1976. Blogged at Aqua-Velvet.

James Agee inquires “into certain normal predicaments of human divinity” Artist: Wilburn Bonnell III, c.

Cover from 1968 issue 3 (Cover Design: Hans Ferdinand Egli)

llustration made with type components from Ruder Grotesk, kerosene and a rotative press

Dutch Film Festival

Poster for the Berlin International Film Festival / Justus Oehler and his team at Pentagram Berlin