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Fisher Price Garage Ha! I was drooling over this, like, today.  doree:  In honor of I’m Remembering’s posting the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, I would like to remind everyone of the Fisher-Price Little People, and especially their garage, which I was sort of obsessed with. [Photo via]

Even though this wasn't a "girl" toy, I loved playing with the Fisher Price little people garage. Had to play with my cousin's set.

Fisher Price Magic Vac

Aww, this is the one I had! Vintage Fisher Price 1986 Toy Vacuum Cleaner Light Works Made in USA

I love Richard Scarry books.  I know we had a large hardback version at least for Tommy and Beth.

Do you remember Lowly worm from The Busy World of Richard Scarry ? Well, I crafted the above Lowly worm from bits of felt, denim and but.

Never knew this existed until I was an adult, but my kids would *love* this. Vintage 1970s Fisher Price.

Vintage Fisher Price Play family Houseboat - I had this and looooved playing with it!

Fisher Price Dishes & Stove

Vintage Fisher Price Magic Burner Stove #919 Complete Set With Carry Bag

Alfie!  Oh I loved you Alfie, when robots were simple and innocent, and kids were meant to be the smart one, not the toy. I think I love you still Alfie.

Feeling nostalgic: Alphie the Robot (Crazy coincidence or fate?) I had this favorite toy when I was about six, it was called Alphie the Robot. I played with this thing all the time, but being a.

Love it

vintage fisher price toys roly poly chime ball can still hear the chime it made

Yesssss!! Me, mom and dad all got to pick one. I specifically remember renting, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes...wow!

Me, mom and dad all got to pick one. I specifically remember renting, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Fisher Price stove lol

Vintage Fisher Price stove top with burners that turn red. Remember this?

Jouet téléphone avec les yeux qui bougent :)

TELEPHONE~ Fisher Price Phone ↷ ↷ My sons had one of these and I wish I could find one for my granddaughter. Fisher Price still makes them but they're not the same quality as the old ones.

Snoopy Snow Cones - best ice texture Ever!

awesome - snoopy snow cone maker - I had this! I loved this thing when I was a kid.