Boxes house.  Casa de cajas.

Designed by Tehran studio Next Office, Sharifi-ha House in Iran. Rotating rooms give this Iranian house a shape-shifting facade.

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Nicky Zwaan & Joris Brouwers, Artists / Amsterdam, The Netherlands, photo by Jordi Huisman.Courtesy of Freunde von Freunden: Friends.

Pier Luigi Nervi

The Irish Architectural Archive is a charitable company which was established in 1976 to collect and preserve the records of Ireland's architectural heritage and make those records available to those

PIER LUIGI NERVI - Burgo Paper Mill

The Mantua stage of the exhibition tour celebrating Pier Luigi Nervi focuses a great deal of attention on the project of the Burgo paper mill.


Preserving the Legacy of – Enhancing the Knowledge about Pier Luigi Nervi

Aircraft Hanger, Orvieto, Italy, 1935.  Pier Luigi Nervi.

Orvieto Hangars in Orvieto, Terni, Umbria, Italy by Pier Luigi Nervi via Pier Luigi Nervi Structures Structure: Precast reinforced concrete ribbed barrel vault Width: Length:

Pier Luigi Nervi, airplane hangar, Italy, 1950s. Nervi virtually invented the two-way, reinforced concrete space frame, constructed with his patented material ‘ferrocemento,’ which used high-strength cement and only fine aggregates, achieving unprecedented thinness and lightness.


Pier Luigi Nervi, airplane hangar, Italy, Nervi virtually invented the…