Haunted Houses- I want to go here- Come with me & we shall see what lies beyond for you and me !!

Casas abandonadas que parecem mal assombradas

Abandoned house in the winter time. I think this is Norman Bates House behind the Bates Motel.

This is in Kansas City KS. This abandoned mansion witnessed numerous family deaths & neighbors have reported violent hauntings. Better bring the holy water.

The Hotel Melrose started as a Victorian mansion in 1881. Decorated with overlapping shingles, cupolas, and domes, it eventually became a hotel apartment. When built, the hotel proper was attached to the mansion which became its annex.

The Melrose Hotel on Bunker Hill, It was demolished in From a remarkable series of color photographs of Bunker Hill taken by the actor George Mann before & claimed the many century structures that made up the heart of old downtown Los Angeles.

i love that someone just went for it

Mystic Manor is a dark ride attraction in the Mystic Point section of Hong Kong Disneyland. Unlike Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction and its counterparts in other Disney parks

Casas de madeira abandonadas, Rússia Estas belas construções, primorosamente decoradas, são encontradas escondidas nas extensas florestas russas, onde o isolamento ajudou no processo de preservação. As casas permanecem relativamente intactas até hoje.

Lugares abandonados: 24 locais fantasmagóricos que lhe darão arrepios

abandoned-places Abandoned wooden houses, Russia Hidden deep within Russian forests, these beautiful wooden buildings have remained uninhabited for years.

Casas abandonadas que parece mal assombradas existem mesmo e não são poucas! Nesse post resolvi fazer um apanhado de algumas que dão arrepios.

Casas abandonadas que parecem mal assombradas


The Carson Mansion, considered the most grand Victorian home in USA located in Eureka, California. I wanna visit here! Loveeee Victorian homes!

Haunted house

Not a fan of breaking into creepy old houses? Keep things safe and spooky with these three brilliant board games set in haunted houses! It's a Halloween treat!