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The white tee ~ Old Man Fancy.

(Closed) Roy had learned recently what close to normal was. Eating pizza in his new apartment, having to go by some fake name (Max Rivers), and playing Mario Kart. Apparently, his old apartment learned "Roy Harper is supposed to be dead and was the green arrow of Star City" so he left that apartment, got a fake id, and had to get a new apartment...don't ask how he was able to afford the apartment. When (y/c) knocks at the door, Roy jumps. No one was supposed to know where he lived...he…

" Jack said his hands shaking violently, so he kept them tucked under his arms. He'd never experienced this kind of PTSD before.

I could concentrate on nothing but him dimples. They were so endearing that I knew girls all over must fall for him, much like I did. But I am no girl. And he is not homosexual. It is not meant to be. Was not meant to be. I must move on. He is not... As you might say... Inclined to love me. - Hetty

Character: Jay has dimples. And eyes that crinkle up when he laughs. And nostrils thay flare up when he's angry. His hands are very busy; they move in different ways depending on his moods.

I am not a human , I shouldn't be bothered.. by anything. Then how did they hurt my miserable soul ?

I am not a human , I shouldnt be bothered. Then how did they hurt my miserable soul ?

Ángela Burón

This photo uses good lighting on the subject. The object is in focus and the contrast is great.


Tenalach The man threw him onto the bed, the giant American flag proudly displaying on the wall above him.


// your sickening desire //

Love this Sherpa Denim Jacket for fall

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Alec Lightwood

☯ i think marcellus is the most developed character i have, and although nothing is perfect, i am very proud of the direction he has gone in ☯

(Open) Alex was curled up on their bed, completely unresponsive. They had been this way for days, and none of the doctors cared. Their door opened, and they flinched, curling up tighter.

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her ever growing comic stack takes up a lot of shelf space

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Clint Barton aka Hawkeye - Avengers inspired outfit by shadowsintime on Polyvore. I dig it

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Daughter of ares