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actually laughed out loud

Funny pictures about Calm before the storm. Oh, and cool pics about Calm before the storm. Also, Calm before the storm.

Hi there!

Hi there!

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I don't beg for food, i just sneeze in it (on purpose) and hope for the best.

Dogshaming, Sable has been known for getting table scraps from.

She is beauty she is grace she has... A PUG FACE!!!

She is madame pug-face

Good guy polar bear…

Funny pictures about Good guy polar bear. Oh, and cool pics about Good guy polar bear. Also, Good guy polar bear.

Hilarious Talking Dog Video teasing the dog about bacon and cat treats

The Ultimate Dog Tease! Who doesn't love bacon? Or kitty treats? Or better yet, bacon wrapped kitty treats? Join the Pet Uprise, and check out this hilarious talking dog.

ok drunk pug where have you been all my life you are late

this reminds me of my great grandmother's retarded pug lol.


Funny pictures about No touching the dog. Oh, and cool pics about No touching the dog. Also, No touching the dog photos.

Corporate dogs

The Manager & Assistant Manager look so silly, lol.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics #funny #dog #photos

He gonna eat it

Pugtato :)

53 of the Cutest Halloween Costumes for Dogs

pugs in costume — baked pug-tato

Omg lol if pugs didn’t have wrinkles then they wouldn’t be as cute

I feel you, puggy friend. I feel you.

Lol even when they're angry, pugs are adorable!

I dont like you. So looks like faces I get from my pug!

A Talking Dog Like A Human Being

Awww I remember when my math teacher would stop class just to watch this video! We'd be laughing so hard other classes would wonder what was going on! Then we'd be behind in class, but he'd find another talking animal video and we'd watch that!


Funny animal selfies can make your day happier. These selfies will make you laugh for hours. Check out these 30 Funniest Animal Selfies.

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