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I couldn't agree more! This would be the #1 thing getting me in the principals office before I even attended my first class.

one time i told someone that i listened to kpop and they legit said "oh, so ching chong music?

This is so true

We laugh as the new fans join because none of you know what y'all are getting into

I freaking love this XD

That Fits perfectly where is jungkook and hoseok( jhope)? Maybe jungkook as . hmmmm and hoseok as .

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i feel ya suga. i would probably cry, beg for a swift death, cry some more, announce who i will see in hell, then die. In that order.<<< I cant agree more.

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697 Me gusta, 2 comentarios - BTS MEMES (@dirtyoongi) en Instagram: " Jins suitcase is so cute ma hearteu #BTS"

So did Namjoon get Jin this suitcase because I see a special appearance by Ryan

OMG he understands my life problems, apart from I take about 100 and then choose 1 hate it and take another 100 pics

And then I end up just making a ugly face on purpose like "yeah normally I look good and my uglyness is on purpose" Same Jimin, let's cry together

Yoonseok: Total opposites but complete each other perfectly ❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

Yoonseok: Total opposites but complete each other perfectly ❤ gotta love them