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Studio Shot Of A Basset Hound Sitting

Studio Shot Of A Basset Hound Sitting On White Background Canvas Art - Sherry Lemcke Design Pics x

Basset Hound... É uma raça de cães oriunda da França.  Surgiu por volta de 1800 através do cruzamento entre o Bloodhound e o Beagle. Seu faro é muito potente, perdendo apenas para o do Bloodhound. Estes cães têm entre 33 e 38 cm de altura e seu peso fica em torno de 20 kg e 30 kg. Têm pelo liso e curto. Embora qualquer cor seja considerada aceitável para os padrões da raça, os Bassets são geralmente tricolores (preto, marrom e branco) ou bicolores (branco e marrom ou preto e branco).

The forever cute and loveable Bassett Hound comes in at Having owned and loved 3 purebreds and 1 mixed Bassett in my life so far, I can say they are the sweetest breeds by far. I will always love this breed.

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This is the look Turbo gave me this morning after pulling my glasses off the kitchen table and making them his personal chew toy.

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61f42226a50b7966d53906a4679c7802.jpg 637×960 pixels

OMG Momma Basset Hound and pup

OMG Momma Basset Hound and pup

Christmas Basset Hound Puppy #Holiday #Dogs

Christmas Basset Hound Puppy Aww, just like my Cali :)

You are a fantastic singer.

38 Signs You're A Basset Hound

sweet baby

Ohhhh, the face. Basset hounds don't mix well with bath time.

Basset Hound,o Sabueso

collection of basset hound photos including our gorgeous girl Molly :) enjoy!


One day i will open a basset hound rescue if its the last thing i do !

absinthe basset hounds & Braco - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results

absinthe basset hounds & Braco - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results


2 of my favorite things, the beach and Basset - The 35 Most Basset-Hound Things To Happen In The History Of Basset Hounds

Maybe someday David will let me have a Bassett hound...who wouldn't love that face!?!

Basset Hound - France - Middle Ages , first documented reference in I believe the modern French dogs are longer-legged. Love Bassets but think they are another victim of man's constant tinkering.