American riding ensemble circa 1896 (love every element!). #Victorian #fashion #1800s

Riding Ensemble 1896 ~ mutton sleeve coat with large buttons and structured collar. Shaped waist coat with a high neck and 'kercheif. Thick skirt with matching spats.

Cycling Ensemble      1895-1900      British       Manchester City Galleries. Bicycle outfits such as this were an early part of the movement for women to be allowed to wear trousers in public.

1895 Cycling Ensemble British Manchester City Galleries Retro Rack: Fashion Retrospective ~ Those Uppity Women on Bikes

Roller printed cotton twill bicycling ensemble (bodice, divided skirt, and short boots), American, c. 1896.

Woman's Bicycling Ensemble: Jacket, Divided Skirt, and Gaiters c. 1896 Roller printed cotton plain weave Philadelphia Museum of Art

I would happily wear this late Victorian cycling suit, (c.1896-1898) any day of the year.

American Cycling Suit of wool, leather, silk, linen, and cotton. Ensemble features a bifurcated skirt that allowed the rider a more comfortable ride while also giving the modest appearance of a skirt at front.

Riding Habit: ca. 1893-1895, American, wool, silk. Marking: [label] "Pfledging, Washington, D.C."

Riding habit Date: Culture: American Medium: wool, silk Accession Number: b The Metropolitan Museum of Art