Cycling Ensemble      1895-1900      British       Manchester City Galleries. Bicycle outfits such as this were an early part of the movement for women to be allowed to wear trousers in public.

1895 Cycling Ensemble British Manchester City Galleries Retro Rack: Fashion Retrospective ~ Those Uppity Women on Bikes

The top of this skirt is pure awesome.

1900 Cycling Ensemble - skirt with matching bloomers hidden underneath. I'd make it a bit shorter for everyday use - beautiful!

Dress, ca. 1880

Chocolate brown silk polonaise bodice dips at the sides to drape and form back bustle. Ten crochet ball buttons, embroidered lace cuffs, tan cotton lining. Cream silk twill skirt with tiny brown floral print, square insert in back of sol

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1906 Walking ensemble: Jacket, skirt, blouse, and cummerbund. Wool and cotton. Via Nordic Museum, Sweden.

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Day dress, American, ca. Printed cotton trimmed with lace; Bunka Costume Museum - this screams Diana Barry!

Inverness coat - Google Search

This looks like a female Sherlock Holmes costume! Tan plaid wool coat with detachable postillion cape (checked wool cap is from the Cambrian Factory in Wales, made at a much later date), c.

Cycling became a popular activity in the 1890s.

What a great Steampunk base! This rare wool bloomer bicycling outfit was probably handmade from a pattern about As shown here, a bicyclist would complete her outfit with gauntlet gloves and overgaiters to protect the legs.

Ensemble (image 1) | American | 1870 | wool, silk | Metropolitan Museum of Art | Accession #: C.I.53.72.5a–d

American Civil War Art - Ensemble Date: ca. 1870 Culture: American Medium: silk, wool Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession Number:

Couture Costumes & Corsetry

Front view of Edwardian walking skirt. Made of 5 panels with 5 knife pleats at each side of the front. Closure is located at the side front. Love this and totally wearable.

Riding Habit, 1900. by dee

Riding habit In the riding habits had a matching jacket and skirt (without a bustle), a high-collared shirt or chemisette, and a top hat with a veil.