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Donkey Kong - classic 80s flash game - old games at simplyeighties.com

Donkey Kong - our dentist had the arcade game in his office, which pretty much made him the best dentist ever.

Transformers | The 14 Most Badass Toy Lines Of The ’80s

Optimus Prime/Transformers My first Transformer. Every kid wanted Soundwave. But my dad insisted on Optimus. I think mostly because he thought it was a better deal. I was pretty upset, but now as I look back it was the best thing ever. Thanks dad!

Pole Position was my ish!!!!

Pole Position racecar game - “Prepare to qualify…” My favorite Atari game

Oh Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!! I remember!!!!!

Sit and spin! Now THIS is how a sit and spin is supposed to be. The ones now are so flimsy that 2 kids can barely fit on them together to really get a good spin going.

View Master

The View Master.one of my very favorite toys as a kid. I could sit and look at the pictures for a long time! Everything from scenery to Disney caracters, and everything in between.

Man these were so high tech back then

Fuzzy memories of playing Oregon Trail in my middle school computer class. Even though I was not very tech savvy at the time, I knew these were hopelessly out of date.