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Chips tv show from the 70's

CHiPs - California highway patrol - officers Ponch and Jon.

The Coach (Season 1) features a number of hilarious episodes...you will enjoy watching this television series.

Coach, remember watching reruns of this in college on Nick at Nite when I lived in the dorms! am every "night" - hahaha, good ol' Coach, Luther Dauber!

American Bandstand. The only program I ever remember specifically watching with my sister (except Patty Duke!)

RIP Dick Clark & American Bandstand - I watched this every Saturday morning

Three's Company: Season One (1977)  John Ritter (Actor),

Three's Company - Loved this show growing up (but now a days, I wonder to myself what "Three's company" really meant) ha

The Best TV Shows From the 70's and 80's

The Six Million Dollar Man: Pilot, TV Movies and Season 1 [6 Discs]

The Six Million Dollar Man. With Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Martin E. After a crippled test pilot is rebuilt with nuclear powered limbs and implants, he serves as a unique intelligence agent.