Elvis Presley and Sophia Loren 1958

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The Kiss, Mosque Theater, Richmond by Alfred Wertheimer.

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Estilo e comportamento masculino nos anos 50

Elvis after his momma's funeral

Elvis Presley - The moment captured here is Elvis comforting his Father after the death of his Mother Gladys Presley

Dois mitos :D

Looking back at the strange and peculiar life of Michael Jackson becomes even more incredibly interesting with these rare photos of the king of pop!

Elvis first movie "Love me Tender  1956.Here with his co-star sweet Debra Paget.

Debra Paget was born on this day, August in She portrayed Elvis' wife in his film debut, "Love Me Tender." She was the first of many actresses who would snuggle onscreen with The King.

Sophia Loren's confidence and feminine, seductive style seen in these amazing pictures. #FIB #ICONS #SophiaLoren

Sophia Loren's timeless style, she is at the end of the day always my icon. Her beauty is timeless and her confidence is unreal. If I was even an eighth as beautiful as she is I would be set for life Más

Presley and Loren, 1958. I did a little digging and found that this meet-cute occurred while Elvis was shooting his King Creole film. "According to Bob Willoughby [the still photographer], Loren spotted 23-yr-old Presley eating lunch in the Paramount commissary and decided to go over and introduce herself. Which is to say, she promptly sat in his lap, gave him a kiss, and began mussing his carefully sculpted pompadour. He didn't mind." Ha!

Fotos de Famosos con famosos.Maradona y Queen, etc...

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Portrait of Sophia Loren, 1961

Alfred Eisenstaedt Portrait shot of Sophia Loren laughing her head off in LIFE shoot, 1961