#Halloween 1 (1978), 2 (1981), 3 (1982), 4 (1988), 5 (1989), 6 (1995), 7 (1998), 8 (2002), 9 (2007) & 10 (2009)

All of these are amazing I am going to talk about the movie it was so bloody and better then the rest loved it it was not bad like some of the others 5 stars~Danyale

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United States of Horror Map Gets an Upgrade!

United States of Horror Map Gets an Upgrade


I got Halloween! Which Scary Movie Should You Watch On Halloween Based On Your Birth Month?

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Michael Myers Halloween set the precedence for modern-day horror films, and Michael Myers helped provide the prototype for villains to come. The first Boogeyman character, Myers in Halloween is a wonderful classic in the horror genre.