Nejiten and Male Tenten by on @deviantART Don't know EXACTLY why I love this, but I do.

Male Tenten: So where are you taking us to dinner? Tenten: You are such an idiot. Male Tenten: What? Nejiten and Male Tenten

Founded on facts. by Guitta on deviantART

Naruto - Shikamaru Nara x Temari - ShikaTema

Neji you idiot by drummerchick13 on DeviantArt

as requested by ~albertxlailaxx i did a NejiTen fake screencap thingy! lol so basically this scene is after Neji's fight with Kidoumaru where he al. Neji you idiot

Hinatas reaction by SrMtHfGbEzZiE on @DeviantArt

i told you there was no need to worry, Tenten, of course she will love, to see you as my wife!

BayneezOne's DeviantArt Gallery  Nejiten

I can't believe she's the best girl to ever exist ever. OH YES I CAN ten tenten's