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My boys are so freaking good looking

My boys are so freaking good looking! People tell they aren't real, I know they are though

Eteeweetee knows what's happenin'

funny, it all started with the wrong number. more chapters coming soon {mature content and language}

Especially after practice!

LOL this is me! long-hair-problems people don't realize that girls with curly hair and thick hair have this problem at any length I mean at least long hair is pretty


Me when someone says that I won't marry Ethan Me: Now hold up bitch

same gray, same.

If he ever gave me this face I would just grab his face and give him a big smooch to cheer him up

how is it that you can make me heart beat so fast, when I don't want it to beat at all?

If I ever met their mom I would start crying saying thank you for them 😊♥️