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It's cuute

Minato, Kakashi & Young Naruto ~ Too adorable! And Minato's death glare is priceless.

Can somebody please translate this?  It's just too cute.  Minato and Kushina - Naruto

Tags: Anime, NARUTO, Uzumaki Kushina, Namikaze Minato I want it translated!

Si tan solo fuera verdad

If Naruto grew up with his parents. No you have to dream :'(

I really love Sasuke and Sakura, but I can't help admit that I love Naruto and Hinata just as much <<< NaruHina is love

Umm.... | Akatsuki's Kitten part 4 - Quiz | Quotev


I'm not lying when I say that I will still have a fictional crush on gaara, even if he does put me in a sand coffin and kill me.