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русские девушки военные - российская армия Russian girls military - Russian army Юлия Харламова - Julia Kharlamov

Created: Nov No nudity or half-dressed women here, just women that know their way around a.

中国首支维和精锐女兵班亮相 身着全套新式护具_高清图集_新浪网

中国首支维和精锐女兵班亮相 身着全套新式护具_高清图集_新浪网


Survival Game Fashion Snap: Girls, guys and guns pose for chic Airsoft

World Nomad Games are an international sport competition dedicated to ethnic sports practiced in Central Asia. The first two World Nomad Games were held in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan. This years the games are underway from 3 to 8 September. Fifty three countries are participating in the event. Sports include eagle hunting, bone throwing and kok-boru, a Central Asian form of polo in which two teams battle for control of a decapitated goat carcass. The highlights of the unusual competitions on…

Love this incredible picture of archer Chynara Madinkulova competing at last month's World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan!

Sniper of the Great Patriotic War

Russian Female Sniper of the Great Patriotic War - Russian Women are part of the Russian Reserve - and they have been trained to fight and also use a firearm. More than I can say about most American Women today.