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Absinthe scented candle includes fragrances of geranium, black currant, and basil fused with patchouli and tobacco.

Absinthe Candle - Scent of the green fairy includes geranium, blackcurrant, and basil fused with patchouli and tobacco.

The History of Absinthe Infographic. Nice to see something like this being mostly accurate: there is a lot of misinformation elsewhere!

The history of Absinthe Absinthe come from the Latinh word "absinthium"meaning wormwood. Absinthe is herbal spirit,tipically of green color. The basic ingredients of authentic Absinthe are wormwood( artemisia absinthium),green anise fennel.

Absinthe Gem Motion Picture Company (1913)

"Absinthe" is the only surviving U.-made absinthe related motion picture from the pre-ban era, featuring one of the very few filmed versions of absinthe be.