[Untitled] / [Toddler, Westerwald]; August Sander; Westerwald, Germany; 1911 - 1914

[Untitled] / [Toddler, Westerwald]; August Sander; Westerwald, Germany; 1911 - 1914

'Circus workers' August Saunders (1990). This photo shows two workers on their time off. Saunder's work highlights the ethical and racial difficulties posed to interwar germany. The album was called 'people of the twentieth century' we get a sense of reality as Saunders captures them in their everyday lives. From their clothing and occupation it's clear that they a from a lower class and Saunders captures not just social but political aspects in his photography.

Solitary Dog Sculptor I: Photos - Fotos: August Sander - Part 1 - 24 photos - Bio data

August Sander. Girl. 1931.

August Sander November 1876 – 20 April was a German portrait and documentary photographer. Sander's first book Face of our Time.

August Sander, Painter’s Wife [Helene Abelen], 1926

August Sander The Wife of Painter Peter Abelen, 1926 8 x Silver Print Posthumous Print Printed 1993