Transworld Surf Redesign

In late Wedge & Lever was hired to redesign Transworld Surf magazine. Our objective was to shift the creative direction in support of a photo-driven editorial model while breathing new life into the magazine format.

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Elegancia y delicadeza a la hora Typography Front slanted // squared off designs // Bergenfield / by Sorbet Design

Love the style of these zine covers!

Graphic design inspiration

Bread & Butter, a magazine by Brand Nouveau – a collection of work by M Bulford

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Vogue Cover | Magazine Cover: Graphic Design, Typography, Photography |

Mode, Trends, Beauty und People

Faux Vogue cover illustrated with Veronica Type. The font for 'vogue' on this cover is different from the normal font they seem t use however I think it works really well as it reflects the artistic structure theme that is coming across from the image.

via Behance. so beautiful inside and out :} i'd love this for my portfolio

Black & white with accent colour - Veinticinco obras, 25 años. Jofebar by Blanca Prol Good for interdisciplinary design portfolio


Design Inspiration // sucre-paper: The front cover of Sucre Paper was shot by Aimée Han, an amazing photographer based in New York.


Field Great layout and design. It allows the white text to stand out against the image. The yellow overlay also creates depth, adding interest to a clean layout.