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Calvin and Hobbes:Joyride by Bill Watterson, 1996 #Lithograph #Cartoon #Calvin_and_Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes: Joyride by Bill Watterson, 1996 Lithograph Cartoon

2018 Reading List

I definitely could not complete this but it is a fun idea 😁 2018 Reading Challenge - 52 books in 52 weeks each meeting a fun range of criteria!

11 books anyone who loves to write should read

11 Books All Aspiring Writers Should Read, Because Spending Time With These Titles is Like a Mini-Workshop

11 books for Aspiring Writers.and readers.and readers who love to write.or writers who love to read.or just plain ol' book lovers

these were some of my favorite books growing up...and where half my vocabulary came from..

The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes

The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes - My Uncle Rick gave this book to me in when I had my surgery.

Love Calving and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes - Bill Watterson. This painting was originally on the back cover of the first Calvin and Hobbes book

I love this so much! Calvin and Hobbes: The Next Generation!

26 years later…

Hobbes And Bacon // I've always loved Calvin and Hobbes as a kid. came across this tribute to Waterson. 26 years later Calvin and Susie finally got married and has a daughter named Bacon. She inherits Hobbes and Susie's bunny. WHY CAN'T THIS BE REAL

I loved to read this to Sophia when she was a baby, o ya I still read it to her ; )

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney "Guess how much I love you," says Little Nutbrown Hare. Little Nutbrown Hare shows his daddy how much he loves h

Book hackin!

BookBub alerts you to limited-time free and discounted ebooks matching your…

Calvin and Hobbes cartoons...or those   moments when you blank on a question on the final. haha.

Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.or those moments when you blank on a question on the final. - I love Calvin!

Calvin and Hobbes

For your viewing pleasure today - a complete story arc of Calvin and Hobbes involving his babysitter nemesis Rosalyn. Rosalyn a.


Embrace Your Weirdness, Boys Are Gross, and other valuable lessons from the world's worst-behaved child and his stuffed tiger.

Chuck's Stuff has this 1996 Calvin and Hobbes comic strip collection book, 'There's Treasure Everywhere' for sale for $5 (14.95 cover). Probable first print, near mint- condition. Color, and black and white strips, 176 pages, 9x12". Relive the glory days! #calvinandhobbes #comicstrip #billwatterson

Encore -- There's treasure everywhere : a Calvin and Hobbes collection / Bill Watterson.