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Girls fact  SOOO TRUE!!! Know this one for a fact... Every detail...every place we ever went... etc... I remember it all.

More of girls facts are coming HERE facts , quotes and relatable to all females>>>> remember boys, even the bad memories that they can use against you


fact about boys vs. fact about girls Yeah people are like why do u like so many people girl. They are just crushes I only have one guy in my heart ❤️

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"A girl doesn't need anyone that doesn't need her': Marilyn Monroe.

i feel like this describes me.

This is totally me && the teddy bear is jeff. I am a very caring person till my buttons are pushed. those that are in my life know me && can say I am a great friend and I will never let you down.

call me hot and I will instantly turn the other direction                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Girl fact call her beautiful not hot she's a women not a temperature>>> yasss i hate when guys say hot i dont know why

My friend "cried herself to sleep" last night but no way showed up with a smile today when there's me where no ones gives a crap bc I'm always smiling what they don't know is it's all a mask except for sometimes when I'm actually snacking and laughing -R

There was an almost before me, made it like she was prettier. I think I'm pretty good looking if I say so myself.

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I really like this.

The trick is to be genuinely nice despite your dislike, and not fake nice to impress others. Be genuinely nice to them to show the love of Christ. Truly love them despite your differences.

It's that simple

It's that simple, except when I stare at you I don't want a kiss. I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding day!