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The 500 is a fast-paced thriller that takes the reader on a journey through the corridors of power to the crack dens of Washington and the corrupt underbelly of politics.

The by Matthew Quirk: Former con artist and Harvard Law student Mike Ford accepts a position with the DC-based Davies Group, a consulting firm whose specialty is .

"Republic, Lost: How Money corrupts Congress-and a plan to stop it " Basically outlines how only .05 percent of Americans have ANY political pull (through cold hard cash) with the American government.

Lessig's latest shows a world of complex corruption and media domination, killing the concept of free innovation with a stab in the pockets.

11 Books You Should Read If You’re A Woman In Your 20s | Thought Catalog

11 Books You Should Read If You’re A Woman In Your 20s

Gone with the Wind--Margaret Mitchell. I've seen the movie a dozen times, but, yes, I've also read the book.

Chad Harbach - incredible story, characters you can't help but love.

'The Art of Fielding: A Novel' by Chad Harbach ---- At Westish College, baseball star Henry Skrimshander seems destined for big league until a routine throw goes disastrously off course.

The Columbus Affair: A Novel by Steve Berry

From Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author, comes an exciting new adventure—one that challenges everything we thought we knew about the discovery of America.

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A novel on class tension - this is decidely NOT Harry Potter but I just adore her writing. J. K. #Rowling - The Casual Vacancy.

Poverty Informs J.K. Rowling's New Novel For Adults

'The Casual Vacancy' by J. Rowling ---- When Barry Fairbrother dies unexpectedly in his early forties, the little town of Pagford is left in shock. Pagford is, seemingly, an .

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime walk, by Ben Fountain. (Ecco, A satire set in Texas during America's war in Iraq that explores the gaping national disconnect between the war at home and the war abroad. An ALA Notable Books pick for