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So true ^^,

So true ^^,

Les passeports norvégiens, le monde entier va les envier

When shone under a UV light the Northern Lights become visible on the pages. in Design Inspiration - Nov 14

No, not a typo.

No, not a typo.

These are paintings (!)

These are paintings (!)

Sommaroy, outside Tromsoe, Norway. Used my iPhone for this

Sommaroy, outside Tromsoe, Norway.

What's new in The new iPad

What's new iPad?

Here’s an onboard video of Formula 2 driver, Dino Zamparelli racing at Belgium in typical Spa conditions. With almost no visibility, it’s only at that final second that Dino sees the incident in front, but with lighting quick reactions, he avoids all the carnage and overtakes four cars whilst doing so.  Not bad. Not bad at all.

19 year old Formula 2 racing driver Dino Zamparelli shows his lightning reactions to an almost certain crash in the wet at Spa, Belgium. Travelling at 150 mp.

The winner of "Norvegian Talents" - 17!! years old.

The winner of "Norvegian Talents" - years old.


An amazingly thorough and nicely illustrated guide to Game of Thrones by Nigel Evan Dennis.


Miss J Jay Alexander ANTM America's Next Top Model awkward stare confused funny gif

Do it! Do it!

Do it! Do it!

Diamond Shreddies, Old v New.

Diamond Shreddies - This ad represents 'avante garde' - it directly tells people to get rid of square shreddies and upgrade to the diamond ones.

Princess Grace. She loved #hotelbelair so much we even have a speciality suite named in honor of her, the Grace Kelly Suite- glamorous, chic and classic.

Our list of style icon& continue with the real-life princess Grace Kelly. Although she died of a car crash in fashion& love affair with her endures as her style is recreated across the glob.