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I'm a dog person. That being said, it's hard not to love Ben Torode's inspired photographs of his cat Daisy, who is arguably the cutest kitten alive.

Pop Rocks in my milk, huh.....  The dog shall pay for this one

Pop Rocks in my milk, huh..... The dog shall pay for this one

If you're a dog person, you might get a bit skeptical about this post. Just another cute kitten hitting the internet, right? But seriously - isn't Daisy just

Truth. At least in my house.

She rules my life! Love her little fury butt

ℌelen ♏c♏illanღ.¸¸.✿❤

These stunning black and white photos by Russian photographer Andy Prokh capture the friendship between his daughter Katherine and the family's British Shorthair cat LiLu purrfectly.

Rest awhile!

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a leap of faith

10 Reasons You Should Carry A Camera

Collection of TGIF Dis Plan Not Work Like I Hoped from all over the world.

I used to have a cat that looked exactly like this one!!!! Even had senior pics with him!

I had a cat like this years ago except he had long white fur. His name was Cloud :)

Ben Torode, who’s not even a professional photographer. Australia-born, Japan-based guy works as a translator, but photographs kittens for a hobby and sells the photos on Getty Images.

Probably the World’s Cutest Kitten

The stunning art of freezing time: 20 excellent examples of high speed photography Photo by Ben Torode

Getting a drink.

A black cat drinking out of a water fountain in Europe.

Bowl Cat by Ben Torode

Cute Cat Photography by Ben Torode. Ben is a Tokyo-based photographer who likes to take landscapes, animals and general stock photography. In this post, we showcase a collection of very funny cat photographs.

Don't touch my belly by hoschie

Cats have scent glands in their paws. When they kneed their paws into us they are marking their territory.

.  *.. اختار الصمت ، في الوقت الذي تعجُ فيه مدنُ وعوالم في داخلي  .

Red cat in window


Let's build a big ol' snow cat!


i am kitty, hear me roar


犬の切手と可愛い動物画像@bot on

“Kitten Observes Transit of Bubbles”. (Photo and caption by Ben Torode)