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In an ER break room. Slightly more realistic pain chart. I'd put papercut at about 6

88 Funniest Signs From This Summer

Here’s a chart that explains everything! Saw a chart with smiley faces in the drs office-this one is way more accurate :)


Female Underwear Explained… Except it's from row, period panties row, comfy panties all of rows 2 and "fuck me, sexy"

One of the funniest things ever. why would you get a winged turtle as a tattoo?

Brace Yourselves, it's a long post

One of the funniest things ever. why would you get a winged turtle as a tattoo?<<< umm why would you get your boyfriend's face as a tattoo? After only one week of being official?

10 Wedding Memes!#8 Coolest Wedding Scene Ideas

XD I noticed that the moment I read the instructions HE DOESNT HAVE PARENTS!!

The Delicious Irony

Funny pictures about How to be Batman. Oh, and cool pics about How to be Batman. Also, How to be Batman photos.

The Beacons Are Lit!!

20 Utterly Demotivational Memes to Show You Your Place in Life - Memebase - Memes

Does Anger Management Work? I think so.

This is terrible, I cry from laughter every time I read this. If you take time to read it, its seriously the funniest thing ever! Sorry but the language, but it's too funny!

You never have to stop being awesome.

This made my day! I hope I'm as happy as they are when I'm older. Old people rock!

This was the BEST show! Made me cry all the time!  Whose Line Is It Anyway Compilation

Whose Line Is It Anyway. God I LOVE this show. Fond memories of a family holiday to Florida when we all watched it together