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Ikr except that part when they all drank polyjuice potion and Hermione told him how bad his eyesight is << Yeah, but that's one time in 7 years. I get asked that every week

Harry Potter

I don't agree fully with this, but it sort of makes sense. I did always wonder why Harry named his kid after Snape. Yeah sure Snape was brave and affected the outcome of the war, but he was a dick to Harry and was in love with his mother, which to me, would just be creepy.

Rubeus Remus Potter--- I don't like Remus for Albus because he already had Teddy, but I like Rubeus a lot better than Severus, I mean come on Hagrid is one of the few people who was always there for Harry.

This is why I fucking love Tumblr

Morgan Freeman + Samuel L Jackson = Dumbledore. would accept either should a remake of HP come about.

Haha it's more that those kids aren't ready for McGonagall! I just know Harry and Ginny would've warned the kids not to cross her<<<This is all true

Actually I believe she would have figured out how to time travel herself and probably make at least one very important magical discovery

For the longest time I thought tank as in a water holding tank, not the war machine! It makes so much more sense now.