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Top Backyard Country Gardens

Wheelbarrow planters are one things on my bucket list of must do gardening ideas. All you need is an old wheel barrow and some imagination!

“Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.” ― Betty Smith, Joy in the Morning (photo via happyharry101)

Beautiful morning glories, old hand pump water spout, old water bucket and a beautiful red cardinal.

planter on back of chair <3

planter hooked on back of chair - pretty for your outdoor patio or where ever. idea for one of my wooden chairs

beautiful country cottage...don't have the beautiful abode, but my yard is well on its way toward replicating this one!

Workshop Garden Inspiration

My dream: an English countryside cottage with this in the back yard 😍 With exterior on house updates.

wheel barrow container with annuals

Finding a Good Planter.From toolboxes to wheelbarrows, the garden shed can yield plenty of unique possibilities for containers. Just make sure to provide adequate drainage. Love old wheelbarrow with beautiful plants.

Wheel Barrow Of Flowers

old wheel barrel full of flowers. This page has beautiful romantic landscaping and home decor ideas

The Best 30 DIY Vintage Garden Project You Need To Try This Spring

The Best 30 DIY Vintage Garden Project You Need To Try This Spring

Old Bicycle Garden Decor-got one at a yard sale to ride and it's not rideable.gonna prop it this spring & plant flowers!

Flower filled wagon.

Wagon Filled with Petunias cute pink flowers garden cart yard wagon planter petunias

Jardin Potager

Vintage Rose - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bicycle! The rose arbor is beautiful, as well. I would like to meet the charming person that lives there.

How To Brilliantly Transform Junk You'd Normally Throw Away Into Genius Ideas…

awanderingspiritualsoul: hippie-beautiful: Garden bed awanderingspiritualsoul: how cozy Flower Bed…

This garden for my future house plssssssssss

My workshop cottage. I love the idea of using some old fence boards to create a cottage look in our back yard

old sewing machine stand....

I can do this type of planter. The yellow and dark blue are so pretty together. From Paint Ideas: Antique Sewing Box Planter

A Classic Wagon Planter is a great idea for a featured garden container.

Actually this was more like what i had it was a flower filled wagon. My ex found old wagon parts at h and my dad took all his time totally restoring it. I filled it with flowers. Well got a divorce and the asshole kept it. It was really pretty though.