Guerriero Sikh - Nihang Sikh from India

Guerriero Sikh - Nihang Sikh from India i love india style

Portraits of the Nihang Sikhs, the Eternal Army | PDN Photo of the Day

Bole Sol Nihal: Portraits of the Nihang Sikhs the Eternal Army

The Nihang Sikhs are an armed Sikh order, deriving their name from the Persian term for a mythical sea creature, their ferocity and might being likened to a crocodile by Mughal historians.a131a62ec8b9539914116d86ac23eb61.jpg 1,181×1,772 pixels

A SIKH MAN, INDIA. That is a lot of turban! And it might equally be a lot of hair inside.

Portrait of the Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh, called "Sher-e-Punjab" (The Lion of Punjab)..

Maharajah Ranjit Singh, The Lion of the Punjab November 1780 – 27 June was the founder of the Sikh Empire, which came to power in the Indian subcontinent in the early half of the century. The empire, based in the Punjab region, existed from 1799 to

Un rostro severo.

bearded man wearing an elegant orange and blue turban, INDIA He screams AUBURN FAN -sam