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(2) Leer Cuídame Shizuo! [One-Shot Shizaya] - Capitulo 1 - Wattpad

Cuídame Shizuo! [One-Shot Shizaya] - Capitulo [Único]

[One-Shot Shizaya] - Capitulo 1 - Wattpad Captain, you need to come king up


This is not sensual this is fan service << okay then oikawa, iwa-chan, if you may expose your man buns please

Shizuo likes to kiss Izaya when he's done smoking = fact

At the bottom it says:  Please How can I stop it? Come back    WELL GO AND RUN TO HIM!! BACK HUG HIIIMMM!!!

This is so sad. Izaya is a really lonely person and I think, he is the real monster in Durarara.