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Team Bucky and for the love of god don't kill Steve.

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*knee slaps*

*knee slaps* I like my fries the same way i like guys. Tall, blonde,GREAT TASTE,hu and gorgeous

Captain America: Civil War. T'challa understands Bucky isn't a villain.

Bucky the victim. Also I want to point out just how much I respect T'challa for completely changing his opinion when he realized he was wrong about Bucky.

It's all Howard's fault!

What could possibly turn Iron Man and Cap against each other? The new 'Captain America: Civil War' meme has the answer.

Which band could they be... Maybe some thing with cap in it bc they all wear ball caps

Which band could they be

Team Cap is secretly in a band and Bucky is surprisingly a terrific singer<<<accurate of the cast as well as funny<---One Direction who? I only listen to real bands, like Team Cap

The fact that he's really like 28 makes it even better

Steve Rogers is like a tired middle aged suburban dad that has to raise five children on his own and literally nothing they say or do surprises him anymore. He just living in a constant state of mild annoyance and deep resignation


The problem with this is that The Winter Solider is a villain. Bucky isn't, but Bucky isn't always there in The Winter Solider. It's an uneven balance and when ever Bucky starts to appear they wipe his mind. The Winter Solider is a villain.