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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 25 Pics

Eat sandwich cookies without getting your fingers sticky with the oreo dunking spoon. This clever spoon revolutionizes the way you eat oreos.

iPhone Accessory DW: Excellent charging dock design for any phone, also gives a classic land line home phone feel.

It’s true! Honest… #April1st

Lightsaber knife, toasts the bread WHILE you cut it. First, who buys unsliced bread? Second, you always leave a half-toasted piece of bread behind. What if next time you just need bread?

What happens if someone falls in

What happens if someone falls in?

this gel fridge Gross and Awesome! Gel fridge: put your stuff in it and the gel keeps it cool. when your reach in and take it out, the gel automatically reforms.

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Recado no pão

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STOCKING STUFFER! $7.29! this would be perfect to have in your purse, for whenever you can't find an outlet and your phone is about to die, like shopping, etc.  For Christa

This should be in every girls purse. A battery with a USB plug on it that fits in your purse for charging your phone when you aren't around any outlets for a long time (camping/beach/shopping etc)

Camouflage bandage that blends to your skin tone... COOL!

Camouflage bandage that blends to your skin tone. Though I do love cheesy colorful band aids!

Eating utensils for your desk. Just need a pen.

"pen tops, you know, for lunch at your desk. your sad, sad lunch alone at your desk with your pen fork. your liberated breakfast at your desk BECAUSE YOU EFFING WORK AT HOME. Nothin' like being able to work in your pajamas.

Cool Invention

Cool Inventions

these are pretty cool.the one with the baby is genius. and the brush thing is pretty cool.

Snail tea string holders!

How adorably awesome! Weird that they're snails, though! snail-tea-bag-holders-soulfun-design Want!

I think you'll like Smilling Face Magic Color Changing Mug Cup High Quality Ceramic Coffee Cup 350ML. Add it to your wishlist!  http://www.wish.com/c/542ad8e311f2050c83e1aa37

Smilling Face Magic Color Changing Mug Cup High Quality Ceramic Coffee Cup 350ML

Smilling Face Magic Color Changing Mug Cup High Quality Ceramic Coffee Cup

cookie monster cup

Gobbling Cookie Mugs

Cookie Monster Cup with a place for your cookies. So cute!

scan an object for color and the pen copies it and then you write that color

A real life Eyedropper tool! This is awesome. A pen with a little censor that scans the color of the object you point it at, then you can write in ink that exact color, it's like the eyedropper tool in photoshop outside of the computer.

Solar cell phone charger eco benefits: 1. Uses solar energy 2. Costs next to nothing 3. Doesn't use any batteries which leads to waste

61 Solar Powered Inventions That Will Change The World [2nd Edition]

Too bad this is in Spanish but I must google some of these items. And I must have the under stair safe room in my next house

Funny pictures about Awesome cutting board scale. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome cutting board scale. Also, Awesome cutting board scale.