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West Highland White terriers                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Im not really one for dressing dogs up in silly outfits but a warm sweater or coat comes in handy in the colder months. Some dogs however really suit hats but not if your dog doesn't want to wear one!

How to Incorporate a Beloved Pet Into the Wedding on itsabrideslife.com/Pets in Wedding/Wedding with Pets/Engagement Photos with Pets

Somehow I have to get my bailey guy to the wedding for a pic he'd be so cute in a little doggie tux

Awww, little sweeties! The baby Scottie looks like my Roxy when I brought her home 5 years ago!

Westie and Scottie puppy: This looks like when Skittles and Maggie are together! Salt and Pepper

This beautiful baby looks just like Piper did when she was a pup <3

Reminding me of snowy (my recently deceased puppy dog as well as that dog from tin tin) - IH ⚜️

Fun in the sun. #eyeglasses

We had a foot of torrential rain but finally made it to the park (not my Westie…

Love this Westie

This is beautiful Sophie (Blue X Sage puppy). She lives with her adoring mom Lisa Ruddock in the San Francisco Bay area.

I'm a rock star!

itsmesara: Kiki disguising herself as Justin Bieber OH MY GOD this is my all time fave pic. a westie in sunglsses, i mean.