Isn't this what we're hoping to accomplish through content curation? "Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life. It’s about what you inspire others to do.

How can we develop consistent habits in order to achieve Success?

What Success Really Is - Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Inspiring Quotes, Pictures, Stories & Messages about Success on Pravs World.

Quote: Passion and your career

"Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career." I am thankful I have a career!

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beautiful words

Today I want you to ask yourself this one question. "Why not you?" why not you to do something for work that you love? why not you to have a healthy body? why not you to have healthy love? why not you to be, have, or do anything you have ever dreamed? we

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my word of the year, 2014

Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Life and your expertise become what you spend the most time DOING.

persistence, consistence

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A boss tells people what to do, a leader shows how to do things. A boss criticizes and a leader gives advice. A boss demands respect and a leader earns and deserves respect. Be a leader, not a boss


Love it! I would add "know yourself" to the beginning of this and be complete! So true! A wonderful motivating career quote! Being a success in any profession starts with YOU!


Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire, and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame, and complain. Words of Wisdom


The strongest factor for success is self-esteem: Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it. self esteem.

Success in life only comes when you simply refuse to give up.

Succes in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation.

Funny how the world is full of these people who think they are better than everyone one is better than anyone matter how much money you have, or how you look, or what you drive, or where you live, or your the end nothing matters!!

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions, small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." --Mark Twain (Nice Try Dr.

Never Give Up - I've included this poem in cards (encouragement, sympathy, thinking of you...) for years!

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