Im a psychology major. All I want is to make a difference. Lately I question myself, and whether this is the direction I should be going. I get extremely close to people. I love people 100% and when something bad happens, a piece of me dies inside. :'(

“I want to inspire people. I want someoneto look at me and say ‘because of you, I didn’t give up.’” Throughmy experiences at Rasmussen College and my personal motivation toovercome adversities, I have been told that I am an inspiration

We’re either going to be the type of people who label ourselves permanently incompetent when things breakdown or embrace the challenge to take on a growth mindset.

Rebounding from Failure: How to Take On a Growth Mindset

Constant evolution, and continuously embracing change leaves you open to judgment. Compare yourself to no one and stay curious about how you can keep growing.

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Hey there, lady boss! Take a break from that busy schedule to enjoy some of our favorite inspirational quotes for lady bosses.

I need to listen to this more often. I've passed up too many chances for my own stubborn reasons. & now I'll always wonder "what if..."

22 Quotes About True Wisdom

Motivational Quote: "The three C's in life: Choice, chance, change. You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change.


Everything happens for a reason. We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason

People don't buy what you do... they buy why you do it. (Simon Sinek)

No-one cares what we do. Here's why... -

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