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213 Slaktbänk 5200 kr | Möbler

213 Slaktbänk 5200 kr | Möbler

Love the built in shelves next to the stove, fill in around stove once moved? Cookbook storage

LOVE this set up! I'd probably go with a different color for the countertop and walls as white is easy to stain and not so easy to clean. Dreaming of a viking stove tonight. viking stove and sweet spot for cookbooks

La Gallinella Bianca

La Gallinella Bianca

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A stereo-blasting, rock ’n’ roll-loving Texas banker finds his groove in an edgy yet elegant Houston home

16...it was a sweet year :) 1976 Tommy movie and soundtrack was out. going to Washington for the big fest. Yea great yr.

Imagine these office spaces on a daily basis? (oooo that rhymes - I'm a poet and I just don't know it :). Swap flourescent strip lights and .